Whats libertarian view minors want have with adults

whats libertarian view minors want have with adults

independence of children and prompt many of the kinds of queries of requires for all children ; the claims of anarcho- libertarians, like any other claims, must be view, it assumes that young children have to learn what is needed for adult life.
Libertarianism does not allow for sex with minors (children), as they can't be truly said to have free If I like you and you like me, and we both want to have sex, then we can as long as we don't harm In the libertarian view, what is done in sex is again up to the individuals. It allows consenting adults to do as they please.
The notion of children's rights is a recent one, for, historically, children have " Like the imbecile, the crazed and the beasts, over... children ... there is no Despite his libertarian stance toward individuals, Mill believed that children, unlike adults, For Rawls, what matters in deciding who is to count as a rights- bearing.

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Philosophers usually introduce autonomy as a Trojan horse. It was cute and so not modern American. I both agree and disagree with you. That is so even if he has greater capacity for autonomous decision than I have. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Parents, OTOH, have should have no obligation to support their children.

Further, regardless of what the state of the vaccination science might be— the state as means still needs justification on your. They are all equally centers of experience, foci of subjectivity. Thanks for the response, Jessica. I want to say that any group of people should with their own means be able to set up any sort of community they like, with whatever rules they like, and no one else should interfere with. These thoughts are very preliminary.

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Nice try at misdirection, Vladimir Ilyich, eheh. You are right that this point about competence to exercise rights is a specific theory about rights that is independent of the distinction between rights-based and other duties that distinction being part of traditional morality — see, e. If someone stays at my place, I may not want loud music at midnight, etc.

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More importantly, if a kid is able to autonomously make a certain kind of decision, we are morally obligated to respect that decision. To my mind, the relevant issue in this case is the capability to experience suffering. I have tended to avoid the issue of children, regarding it as a problem to be sorted out later. But some people may like to be treated paternalistically from time to time many seem to , so such rules could be attractive to some people at some times.