Showthread casual adult clan starts sunday

showthread casual adult clan starts sunday

that are looking for some new members to join our level 9 clan. The group is looking for chill active adults and we war about once a week.
Hardcore/semi-hardcore/ casual: 5. .. Darnas FAQ and Policies: http://www. showthread . We also play together outside of WoW - D3 (ask about our clan), Steam, betas, Hearthstone, .. Raid nights: Saturday and Sunday CST [invites start at to facilitate prompt.
I am currently doing casual conquest games, but I tend to lose my I am looking for a clan that has a team and looking for someone to fill a BONUS: Gem Storm: 50 Gems for 3 FWOTD (Friday - Sunday) Thread: Looking for Casual Conquest Clan Be friendly and mature to all players, old and new!....

Showthread casual adult clan starts sunday -- tri Seoul

No one has to PVP if they don't wish to, but we had a large showing and recaptured several points taken reclaimed a castle! Average Playtime: Random and rare. Some small groups raid solely, while others run Water Works over and over with rerolls. Prince of Persia - Community Technical Help.

Second in Command: Avoiderto. Raidloot system: Need before Greed. Dedication: We want players who want to be. Low lvl loons are terrible. The New Khyber Guild Listing. Message: Help everyone smash to da best no matter how they are to smashing. Raid Loot System: Chests are finders-keepers, guildies first call, roll for extras. Zenix, Nellas, Mandingo, Kabooom, Hankolas, Krusherr. Clan Recruiting Officer : Dawnie, Aiolus. We are currently looking to recruit skilled players for our raiding core and will consider all specs and classes. Raid Loot System: Point Loot Score can be explained in .

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Showthread casual adult clan starts sunday -- traveling

A clan where you can play LoL, and some other games, showing up your skills, and learning about our skills. Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway - Console General Discussion. Clan Name: Arcane Blitz. Leader: Featherstone AKA Stoney. This means you know how to move out of AoEs, switch targets fast, not explode in the raid, etc. We're a fun-loving bunch, we love to help out anybody, if you're new, we'll show you the ropes and help get you good equipment to start.