Post choose college major

post choose college major

Discover the benefits of picking a college major after already selecting your courses. Visit for helpful information on choosing a major in college.
The most important thing for deciding on a major or career path is to get out Determine whether you are driven to be your own boss or if you.
Everything you need to know about college majors and how to choose a major If you intend to earn a professional degree (like an MD) after college, you will..

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Young people rush to choose a major to fulfill a college identity, not necessarily because it's what they enjoy. Cover Letters Not Getting Read? Many liberal arts majors provide students with critical thinking skills and writing abilities that are highly valued by employers. That gives you four semesters to play the field.

post choose college major

How to Choose a Completely free dating that your friends enjoy. Find Your Callinga new website created by CareerBuilder, hopes to change that by giving students a better idea of what their options are by matching them with professions that suit their interests. Follow us on Facebook Get updates from HuffPost posted directly to your News Feed. Others you might stay connected with for a long, long time. Customized delivery options such as Sunday only, Fri. Read Whole Story Students are told to be practical and find a major that will serve them in practical terms carrying them to a life in engineering or accounting. Do you enjoy blogging or tweeting? Read Whole Story I can't tell you how many times a freshman has come to college convinced they've chosen the right major -- only to find, a year or so down the road, that something completely new has transformed their life and their way of thinking, and suddenly they're rocketing off on a whole new learning adventure. Today I am a college professor and Webmaster of a top career resources Website… which brings me to the last piece of general advice before you begin your journey: your major in college is important for your first job after graduation, but studies show that most people will change careers — yes, careers — about four or five times over the course of their lives — and no major exists that can prepare you for that! Want to write post choose college major design a magazine or website? Volunteer at an animal shelter or local animal clinic. Check with colleges in your area for information on summer programs and camps they offer. Choosing a college major is a big deal. Join in, and I'll also send you a free copy of my book on earning better grades! Make HuffPost your Home Page. Life Coaching for Teens. United Promises Cops Won't Drag You Off Plane In Full-Page Ad Airlines. I want to help you be awesome at college, looking best adult dating site I'd love it if you joined my newsletter so I can keep you up to date. Maybe a career as a chef, baker or even a dietician or nutritionist is right for you. This started him on the path to a degree in engineering mechanics, to getting his Ph, post choose college major.

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  • Post choose college major

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Readers Share Back-to-School Tips for Incoming Freshmen. Therefore, many students find themselves obtaining two college majors, a minor, or a certificate that may help them later in their careers. Your major in college is your specialized area of study. Please upgrade your browser. Make the most of any required general education courses—choose ones that interest you. No matter what your part-time jobs or summer jobs are, always be thinking about how those experiences will enhance your resume and work skills. Assemble an inner circle team of advisors now, so you'll be able to act quickly to objectively assess the pluses and minuses of future opportunities. I thought my plan was wrong.

post choose college major

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