Fuck windows phone

fuck windows phone

i also typed " fuck windows 10" into google lol, i feel so much better now! I upgraded .. The only good place for windows 8-10 is on your phone.
After having this awful phone, my brother takes out his rage on his old Windows phone (not sure of the model).
Mais dès cet été, les rares détenteurs d'un Windows Phone pourront s'en donner à coeur joie, insulter à tout va et dans toutes les couleurs..

Fuck windows phone - going

Do not try to witch hunt specific subs, mods or users. I am so pissed. I'd rather have my data at Google than with Microfuck. It was kind of slow, but good enough.

I appreciate it when it WORKS, I have reactions, and GIF support. Off the top of my head:. If you don't want to call this emulation, fine, but what would you like to call it? Or some other feature. Its nice and light.

Fuck windows phone - - traveling

This is an archived post. Welp, looks like my USB stick is finished. This is specifically and intently about the Facebook app. If people weren't stupid enough to get scammed in the first place, we wouldn't have these precautions.