Court ruling oral sexual assault

court ruling oral sexual assault

Outraged activists and prosecutors in Oklahoma called for changes to a state law on forced oral sex after a court rejected the prosecution of a.
Oklahoma Court: Forced Oral Sex Is Not Rape If Victim Is activists when it ruled state law does not criminalize oral rape if the victim is unconscious. A sexual assault examination was conducted, and the boy's DNA was.
The ruling sparked outrage among critics who argue the judicial system Oklahoma Court: Oral Sex Is Not Rape If Victim Is Unconscious From Drinking and upholding outdated notions about rape and sexual assault.

Court ruling oral sexual assault -- traveling easy

Girls on top: The rise of feminist porn. Witnesses said the girl had been drifting in and out of unconsciousness and had been unable to walk. In an interview with police, the defendant said the victim engaged in consensual oral sex with him and it was her idea. He added that he was aware of defendants making the same argument in other parts of Oklahoma to escape similar charges, despite the appeals court declining to make this specific ruling a precedent.
court ruling oral sexual assault

THERE WAS NO CONSENT. The nature of the alleged assault oral sexual contact dictated a charge of forcible sodomy and not rape, and the former charge did not provide for intoxication as one of the "the five very specific requirements for the commission of the crime. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. If you would like to add a comment, please court ruling oral sexual assault or log in. Know who I am blaming though? She said the last thing she remembered was drinking in the park. Oklahoma law says that rape can occur when a victim is intoxicated or unconscious. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company.

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Its reasoning, the court said, was that the statute listed several circumstances that constitute force, and yet was silent on incapacitation due to the victim drinking alcohol. Prosecutors for Tulsa County charged the boy with forcible oral sodomy but the case was thrown out by a judge. The group agreed to allow the defendant in the case, who attended the same school, to take her somewhere to stay in his car. The Tulsa District Court later ruled against the oral sodomy charge, stating that unconsciousness and intoxication are not within the law's definition of the crime. JUST WATCHED Legal analysts blame Oklahoma law for sodomy ruling Replay More Videos... Court transcripts showed several other minors who were present testified that the girl was stumbling and falling. Scott Biggs said earlier this week in announcing plans to rush a fix through the legislature. Still unconscious, the girl was taken to a hospital, where a test put her blood alcohol content above.

court ruling oral sexual assault