College article best profiles hook

college article best profiles hook

College admissions were tougher than ever this year. That's the euphemism for smart girls with really good grades and solid SAT scores, but but without a ' hook ' will have trouble getting into the most competitive colleges. . Editor's Note: This article originally stated that Georgetown's acceptance rate.
HC's Complete College Guide · Order the HC Book . Share this article When you're setting up your Tinder profile, it may be tempting to exaggerate a few chances are they might only be interested in a hook -up,” Spira says. One of the best parts of Tinder is that it eliminates all awkward rejections.
Having a “ hook,” meaning something that offers strong positionality for an Every high school has an official college profile that students need to after publishing their best -selling book, Don't Worry: You'll Get In in....

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Grumbles about the subway and train ride to get there? Amazon's new Echo Look is a camera that judges your outfits. Most Read on Her Campus.

college article best profiles hook

She wants to stay after school and play with her friends? Or meet in a very public or open area, and make sure you know the area in which you are meeting. Sarah Cornett Sarah is a junior at Centre College. Quizzes Learn About Colleges HC's Complete College Guide. Student Sign Up or Log In.

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